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What is Connect3?

Connect3 is a universal social layer of Web3 and a next-gen decentralized social networking platform for creators and users on the Open Web. By utilizing the advancing Web3 infra, we improve the user experience and resolve the issues of data ownership, creator monetization, and content distribution, which were not done well in the old days.

Products & Services

  • Unified Identity & Profile

    Build up your unified identity and profile across the Web3 world by curating your bio, social activities, content, and achievements in your customized way.

  • Monetization Tools in Cryptos

    Convert your influence, contribution, or creativity into revenue in cryptos by a set of monetization tools.

  • Social Content to Your Taste

    Stay connected to your favorite people, organizations, content, and services in the Web3 world by social newsfeed specially curated for you.

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